Lap Swimming pools

    A lap pool is built to provide a straight-away for swimmers training for a sporting event or for those who swim for exercise. Usually long, narrow, and rectangular in shape, a lap pool can be any length, although most average between 50 and 60 feet.

  • Lap/Exercise Pool

    Usually, common lap pools may be large enough to accommodate two lanes of swimming traffic. But the most popular type of lap pools are one lane and restricted to being used by only one person at a time. In fact this is a great idea for those homeowners who have smaller backyards but still dreaming to have an in ground pool like this. Lap pools can also be installed either indoor or outdoor.

    Many pool builders surround a lap pool with attractive backdrops like stack-stone walls or they include water features that can be activated when no one is using the swim lanes.

    Lap pools allow people to get the full health benefits of a vigorous swimming regimen without having to invest the time, money and space into a full size pool. With that, you can also save a lot of money yet you can still enjoy the health benefits of a lap pool. Contact Greecian Pools today at 661-832-0991!

    For inspiration, please look at the below gallery for ideas to create your next lap/exercise pool.